The Blade of Grass

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Once upon a time there was a blade of grass.  She was in great despair; she kept being either frozen, flooded, burned by the sun, or trampled upon by hundreds of heavy shoes and boots!  Just when she was beginning to be happy, stretching upward to the blue sky and warm sun, listening to the birds call to one another, and feeling the breeze caress her, she was cut down, flattened out, and pressed against the earth.  Someone who did not know what he was doing cut her so short that she could hardly breathe, and she certainly could not hear the birds’ songs or feel the breeze.  After a few days, she noticed that she had grown a little and could begin to stretch out and look up to the sky again.

However, after a few weeks the sun burned so intensely that she lost all her beautiful green colour and turned brown and dry.  She thought for sure that the end was near.  Just at that moment, the rain came, and she drank deeply of the cool moisture.  Soon, again, she regained her colour.

Something always seemed to happen to hurt her or put her in danger: the ice and snow, the hot sun, or people walking, running, and jumping on her.  Life was not worth living this way!

One day a beautiful butterfly landed close by.  There was something wonderful about this butterfly.  The blade of grass began to talk to her and eventually told her her story of sorrow.

The butterfly was very sympathetic and began to speak.  “I can appreciate how you feel, but I must say I am quite surprised by your story.  You see, from my perspective, way up high above you in this field, I watch you day after day.  I see how you are so flexible and that the worst storms never break you, no matter what happens to you.  Being stepped on repeatedly, being frozen or burnt – you always pick yourself up, look up, and stretch yourself high to the sky and clouds.  And when you wind blows, I can hear your soft beautiful song.”

The blade of grass thanked the butterfly and was quiet for a long time.  Then she began to smile to herself and hum a happy song – for she at last realised that her whole life was one of success.

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