“We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world.”

Neuro Linguistic Pyschotherapy (NLPt)
Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy is a short term, goal oriented and practical approach to solving problems, achieving goals and personal growth. It builds on the basics of NLP and includes other psychological models to provide a deeper and more holistic approach which enables clients to take charge of their own development and continue with it long after our sessions have finished.

What happens in the therapy?
I will seek to help you, the client, to identify your desired state i.e. your goals and dreams. You will then seek to achieve them by using your own and new resources and skills. This can involve in you experimenting with changing beliefs that limit your success, identifying new beliefs and/or gaining insights into patterns of your behaviour, which will help you to have more choices.

Whilst your personal history is taken as relevant to how you are now, the emphasis will be on how you create how you are today from experiences past and present as well as your ideas about your future.  The main focus is on how rather than why.

By working together, you will discover more about yourself and therefore decide which changes can be made that will help you become more in control of your life – now and in your future.

This means that you will learn new skills that will help you to achieve measurable success.  I will help you define these measures so that you will know when your work is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions
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