About Me

I have been working with the growth of others and self for well over a decade.  I have an NLP Master Practitioner and INLPTA NLP Trainer accreditation and post-graduate diploma in Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy.  I consider myself as an integrative therapist which means I draw upon different approaches to psychotherapy as well as drawing on my own personal life experiences to help support you. I will do my very best to fit into your model of the world, not try to get you to fit into mine. I approach my work with the belief that one size does not fit all – we all have needs that are best understood and appreciated from those with a diverse blend of knowledge and experience.

I am also a qualified yoga teacher and may, with your permission, use some asanas (postures) to assist in the healing process. Breath work is a given with my clients – I will teach you how to connect to your breath so you can regain control of your life, especially when anxiety arises. Through our work together, you will learn new strategies to deal with life outside of the therapy room.

I am a registered member of, and abide by the code of ethics of, NLPtCA and BACP.  I also have CRB enhanced clearance.

Regular supervision of client work is important in this profession for the growth of both me and my clients.  My supervisor is UKCP and NLPtCA accredited.

To see the code of ethics please visit:

I may be just what you are looking for and if I am not, I will recommend someone more suitable to your needs.

My Approach
Life is about embracing our ups and downs and in order for you to embrace yours, I will:

  • Offer you confidentiality and a safe place to be who you want to be
  • Challenge you when the need arises
  • Be honest with you
  • Disclose my experiences if it helps you to grow
  • Honour your place in this life
  • Be completely non-judgmental